In flights ✈️ with kids 👼 !! worried , check this out

How vedika is calm in-flight? .

Talking : Talk to your baby before any flight , all the possibility that could happen in-flight . This really helps as mentally they are prepared . 
Snacks : carry there favorite snacks and specially any kind of dried berry . Why berry? And not kishmish . Kishmish sometimes if eaten in excess gives a burning sensation in mouth where as berries don't (personal experience) .

Takeoff and landing : while takeoff and landing , put two berries in there mouth , the sucking helps keep ears open .

Entertainment : favorite toy ( preferably an engaging toy ) , A book , downloaded songs and poetry of choice (incase of emergency ) . Else toys and books are normally enough. 
Play : play with your baby . I am not a shy person by nature . So we dance and sing alot while we travel . Like literally , we have rolling eyes, sometimes happy eyes too . We enjoy ourselves and that is what keeps her happy .

Exercise : We do basic streaching while we travel . Keeps us going . 
Interact : We interact alot with in-flight staff . Hello ,hi etc are the basic . So she is more comfortable when she is in flight . Familiar faces , happy faces makes kids feel welcomed and helps them develop a safe space in there mind.

Practical clothes and shoes : Wear practical clothes and shoes while you travel . Comfertable clothes will keep any bub happy . 
This is an overview . The basic stuff like water , diper-bag ,food etc is mandatory . 
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