12 month Baby Food Chart/ Indian Meal Plan for 1 Year old baby

At 12 months your baby is ready for toddler hood and it means her body can handle a lot of variety and most of adult food as long as it is cooked well

Some points for first time parents of 12 months old babies to keep in mind:

1) Babies may need 20-32 oz of breastmilk/formula/milk at around 12 months/ 1 year, so keep that in mind to limit the milk intake so that baby has enough room to eat solids.

2) You may also start weaning the baby off formula / breastmilk by dropping one feed at a time. Consult with your pediatrician to start weaning or continue as long as you like.

3) After 12 months, you may also want to get rid of bottle gradually, if you give them to your baby.

4) If you still give purees to your 12 months / years old, you MUST stop to avoid issues later. Babies at 1 year are fully capable to chewing and eating solid foods. If your baby shows reluctance to eating lumpy food, try mashing half the food and pureeing other half. Within a week, ditch the pureed food completely.

5) Offer wide variety of foods to baby but do not worry if baby does not finish everything.

6 You might have introduced finger foods by now. If not, now is a good time to do so.

Not sure what finger foods to offer to your 12 months / 1 year old, check out 75+ Finger food ideas for babies,toddlers and kids

7) Have you started Potty Training? If you planning for the same , you might want to look at our Potty Training guide with tips on right way to about it. However, do not worry about it, if your baby is not ready for the same.

We cannot stress enough that these are only guidelines and every baby is different, so there is no need to worry that your baby is not taking everything on the chart. Also, we do not mention the quantities as you should follow your baby’s cues.

12 month Baby Food Chart/ Feeding Schedule

Early Morning






Late night


BM/ Formula

Besan ka cheela

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Chhole rice

Cheese pieces

Chapati with Okra(bhindi) curry

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Vegetable poha

Water melon scoops

Chapati with dal and cauliflower potato curry

Banana smoothie

Parantha with paneer bhurji

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Egg sandwich

Potato wedges

Curd rice with rasam

Fruit yogurt

Vegetable soup with jeera rice

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Sweet potato kheer

Cheeku pieces

Rice, dal and green beans

Curd with banana

Rice with egg curry

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Suji Upma

Banana slices

Kadhi chawal

French Toast

Paneer parantha

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Ragi dosa

Cucumber sticks

Chicken soup with bread

Cheeku smothie

Dosa with aloo masala

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Aloo parantha

Halved grapes

Rice with fish

Papaya milkshake

Masoor dal Khichdi with curd

BM /Formula

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P.S. We do not mention any quantities in food charts as every baby is different and will decide how much he/she wants to eat. We do not advise over-feeding and often worries about babies not being plump enough are misplaced. If you are worried about your baby’s weight, you must mention it to baby’s doctor. Try not to compare your baby to neighbor’s or a relative’s child.

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Author - Priya Sachan